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Commercial Locksmith Services

We provide full commercial locksmith services and support for businesses of all sizes.  Serving the Katy, TX area for more than 40 years with dedication to our customers and their  security needs. Keeping your business running smoothly is what we do best. We offer the full spectrum from lock installation, lock repair and commercial locksmith consulting.

Commercial Locksmith Services Include:

  • Key Duplication
  • Mortise Locks
  • Rim Locks
  • Security Locks
  • Multiple Access
  • Restricted Access
  • Commercial Lockouts
  • Apartment/Rental Rekeying
  • Commercial Rekeying
  • Commercial Lock Replacement & Repair
  • Professional Lock Picking
  • File Cabinet Lock Picking
  • Broken Key Removal
  • Emergency Locksmith Services
commercial lock installation Houston TX

Commercial Lock Installation

Having a experienced locksmith save time and money. Knowing that the job is done right is priceless. You’ll find that our prices are reasonable and our service is exceptional. Properly controlling door access will ensure that your business is bolstered against threats to doors and unauthorized intruders.

Door Lock Reinforcement

The entire point of a door lock is to keep your company secure. The door frame and opening that exposes the door locking mechanism are the weakest points on a door, even a commercial door. Reinforcing the door frame, door lock and the locking mechanism is the best way to secure a door. We secure the weakest points in the system and make them the strongest.

Commercial Lockout

Locked out of your office building or office door, call us and we can help.

commercial deadbolt installation Houston TX

Commercial Deadbolt Installation

Having an extra line of protection can put time and space between your company and an intruder. It also creates an extra barrier that criminals do not like. We highly recommend adding extra security where you feel the need.  A commercial grade deadbolt can be enough of a deterrent to cause criminals to look elsewhere. Deadbolt installation is inexpensive relative to the expense of a break-in. The irony is that deadbolt installation is the first thing requested after a break-in has already occurred.

door closer installation Houston TX

Door Closer

Having malfunctioning door closer can create a hazard for customers and employees that create a foreseeable risk. We have decades of experience correcting faulty door closers and will ensure that you door closer is functional properly and smoothly.

Door Kick Plate & Handle Plate

Adding an added level of protection to the door can serve as a way to protect and dress-up a door.  A handle plate reinforces a part of the door that gets used and takes the most punishment.  The bottom half of the door takes abuse because customers will often push the door open using their foot.

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